Under Siege Book Cover

UNDER SIEGE Living Successfully with Epilepsy depicts Tom's individual social, economic, and medical challenges while also portraying Epilepsy’s nationwide and worldwide social, economic and medical realities.

About Thomas McGranahan, Jr.

Tom McGranahan was born in Richmond Va. 9/29/57 the second oldest in a family of eight. He lives with his wife Angela and 2 daughters, Mariah and Arielle. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He was a member of Virginia State Board for People with Disabilities 6/95-6/99, and speaker at Department of Education’s 3rd National Employment Conference 9/11/00.

Tom exercises every other day at the gym and operates a residential painting business. He steadily perseveres to address life’s challenges – like writing this book – even after most all of the language section of his brain was removed in his 4th brain operation.